Friday, September 9, 2011

Are you taking advantage of the power of social media?

At Right Click, we manage your social media networks
We specialize in real-time social media management for your Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and assorted blog accounts.
How relevant is social media?
50% of online Americans use social media. There are 5.3 billion cell phone subscribers world wide. More and more businesses today are using social media engagement to build their brand, extend their reach and to influence the conversations taking place there. (Twitter For Good, June 2011)

Why do businesses need social media management?
It’s hard to multi-task. You can’t do your job and manage your social media at the same time. Hiring a social media manager means that you can concentrate on doing what you do best - operating your business and leave the social media networking to us. 

While you focus your attention on 
operating your business… Right Click will:
  • Publish your tweets to your (professional) Twitter network
  • Post your updates and your pictures to your (professional) Facebook page
  • Typeset and publish your articles and links to your (professional) blog
  • Upload your photos to Flickr
  • Record and upload your videos to YouTube
  • Organize and develop your web presence

Don’t have a social media account or network?                                                                          
Right Click will create and maintain one for you.                                                                  
(Twitter account, Facebook account, blog account, Flickr and YouTube accounts)
Social Media is the most efficient way to reach your target audience.  
It's the fastest and easiest way to:
  • Introduce new products
  • Share tips and advice
  • Make announcements
  • Promote sales
  • Promote causes
  • Learn about others in your industry
  • Build your social network
  • Establish a reputable online brand                                                                       

Are you taking advantage of the power of social media? 

Right Click will help you

  • Reach your target audience quickly and efficiently
  • Share valuable information about your business
  • Build a thriving social media network
  • Stay relevant with your followers

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